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Interrailing on a budget – Top tips


Interrailing on a budget – Top tips


Have you ever considered Interrailing on a budget through Europe but thought it may be too expensive?

At Interrailing Packages, we cater for everyone from solo travelers, family travelers, budget travelers and everyone in between.


In this post we discuss several ways you can save money on your travels while backpacking Europe by rail and how to budget accordingly.


1- Accommodation:

The types of accommodation vary throughout Europe and there is no shortage of places to stay. Here at interrailing packages we sell FULL interrail packages which include your rail pass, seat reservations and Accommodation. Budget accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean the accommodation isn’t nice. We pride ourselves in knowing we will only send our customers to reputable places that have been tried and tested by our own staff. 😊


“What accommodation should I choose when interrailing on a budget?” and “What is the best budget hostels ” are some of the most common questions we get asked.


The types of accommodation we offer as part of our interrail packages include:

  • Shared hostel dorms
  • Private Hostel room
  • ¾* Hotels

Each comes with their own benefits. However, when interrailing on a budget we would recommend staying in a hostel. The cheapest option would be a shared hostel dorm which is essentially a bed in a shared room usually with 8-9 other travelers. You can check out of hostel partners here: 


Interrailing on a budget


2– Cheap/ Free tours or attractions

When visiting  a new place, we all want to get out and explore but It’s important to be aware of the costs of getting around a city.

Our best tip for exploring a new city will always be to make use of the free city walking tours. These are usually lead  by a local people who will show you around a city and all the hidden gems a city has to offer. They often work on “tips only basis” which of course is optional but very much appreciated.


Another way to get around and explore a new city on a budget or for free is by planning your stay around certain times of the week/ month.

Do your research and see what each destination has to offer.



In Rome, The colosseum and other landmarks In the city offer FREE entry on the first Sunday of every month. By making use of days like these you will be saving money that can be used for something else while interrailing.

Often your accommodation will also provide tours and excursions at a discounted rate, so this would be worth checking out also 🙂


Interrailing on a budget


3- Eating out vs eating in:

We all know that eating out can be expensive, especially if you’re in a well-established, well know, famous restaurant. Of course, its lovely to try new cuisine, and eat out a few times but eating out 3 times daily will certainly all add up.

If you are opting to eat out, you should always ask for a “locals menu” before ordering. In several cities, there is a “tourist menu” where prices are at an  increased rate compared to usual.

Alternatively, you could consider accommodation with a kitchen that allows you to cook/ prep meals which would be a great way to budget also.


Interrailing on a budget


4-Time of year:

Of course, going interrailing during the summer months, (or traveling anywhere really), will tend to be more expensive during the “peak season” so it may be beneficial to travel off season to reduce costs.

Accommodation prices, rail travels, and excursions may all be cheaper during off season and will therefore be more suitable for a budget traveler.


Santorini sunset


5- Travel of the Beaten Track:

Going off the beaten track to lesser-known places can often save you money in comparison to visiting larger tourist hotspots. They are more likely to be less crowded also which is a bonus. Prices outside or around tourist hotpots are ALWAYS much more expensive for meals etc. also which can be quite costly.


Interrailing on a budget


6- Take day trips:

Taking day trips instead of basing yourself in a certain area can be very beneficial when saving money. If you want to visit a well known, expensive area, research the surroundings areas that are easily accessible to where you want to go.


Base yourself in Milan and visit Lake Como as a day trip in oppose to staying over in lake Como and spending extra on accommodation.


Budgeting lake como


7- Travel cards

Instead of using your general bank card (and getting high transactions fees) make use of a wise travel card and benefit from no fee transactions throughout Europe on your interrailing trip or alternatively travel with the correct currency in Cash.


8- Pack lightly and sufficiently 

By packing correctly with less luggage, you are minimizing the risk of getting excess fees at airports, and luggage storage facilities which will help you budget.


There are many other ways to interrail on a budget. Planning is key and making reservations and booking prior to departure is always advised 🙂


Happy Interrailing