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In high season this pretty, petite Venetian capital of 3,000 locals on the island’s south-west tip overflows with 30,000 visitors every day. They swarm the attractive waterfront and adjoining main square, Pjaca, doing coffee, the nearby market and the modest sights by morning, the beach by day and the bars by night.

With a length of 250 km, the island’s coastline offers ample possibilities for swimming, and a wide range of beaches: rocky, pebbly, and even sandy beaches and while the island is super-popular, and gets loads of tourists over the summer, you can still find your little (semi)private spot by the sea.

Hvar theatre, constructed in 1612, is one of the oldest theatres in all of Europe.

So, wherever you go on the island, you’ll encounter something of historical value. Cobblestone streets, centuries-old squares, churches, and palaces dotting major towns and villages on Hvar are all witnesses of the island’s long history.



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