5 European Train Holiday Destinations To Check Out

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5 European Train Holiday Destinations To Check Out

One of the highlights of train travel in Europe is the chance to see some of the world’s most stunning landscapes from the comfort of your seat – Europe really is a continent best explored by train thanks to efficient rail networks. Train holidays in Europe offer a unique way to experience different cultures, stunning natural landscapes and to take in the history of many varied countries. From modern, fast-moving wonders to breathtakingly scenic routes, Europe’s rail system offers a memorable and convenient way to explore the continent, just check in with your luggage without the worry of it not getting to the same destination as you at the same time and you are ready to explore the continent’s rich cultural heritage and historic cities.

High-speed trains like Spain’s AVE and Italy’s Frecciarossa can whisk you between major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, and Florence in record time, allowing you to maximise your exploration. Scenic routes like the Transcantábrico in Spain and the Cinque Terre Express in Italy offer a more leisurely way to experience the region’s charming villages and stunning coastal landscapes. Train travel through Europe also offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to explore the continent. Trains produce far lower emissions than air travel or driving, giving passengers a more environmentally friendly choice. In addition, many European countries have invested in electrifying their railways, further reducing carbon emissions.

So, whether you’re looking for the convenience of high-speed travel or simply the leisurely pace that allows you to take in scenic routes, the European rail network offers, travelling by rail in a unique and memorable way to experience the continent’s diverse cultures, breathtaking natural beauty and rich history From the Scottish Highlands to the Mediterranean coast, a rail holiday in Europe offers a unique if a memorable way to discover the continent’s diverse cultures, stunning natural beauty and rich history.

With all of that in mind here are five European Train holiday destinations to check out…


No country travels by train like Switzerland. Its train system is world renowned for its efficiency, comfort and punctuality. The jewel in Switzerland’s railway crown is the Glacier Express, a scenic 8-hour train journey that winds through the Swiss Alps, passing through traditional mountain villages, verdant valleys and alpine areas with some of the most spectacular views and taking you 181 kilometres from Zermatt to St. Petersburg. Moritz or vice versa, climb the 6,670-foot Oberalp Pass Along the way, the oversized windows of the trains offer ever-changing views of peaks, glaciers, castles and valleys. The Swiss Travel Pass allows unlimited travel between the country’s trains, buses and ferries. With its legendary efficiency and wonder, Switzerland really shines for a train holiday.


Explore Italy by train for a very unique train experience full of culture, history and Italian dolce vita. Italy’s rail network connects almost every city and region, making it an ideal base for travelling throughout the country. Take the modern, high-speed Frecciarossa (“Red Arrow”) train to zip between iconic places like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and Naples (which reaches speeds of up to 190 mph), then ride the Circumvesuviana railway looping around the ancient Besu Vesuvius for a decidedly large community residents and scenic experience. This inexpensive train offers panoramic views of the iconic volcanic cone while connecting Naples with the famous cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sorrento on the stunning Amalfi Coast


From the capital Berlin to the beautiful Bavarian countryside, Germany offers a unique rail experience through a combination of modern high-speed trains and scenic regional lines Thanks to its luxurious white ICE (InterCity Express) trains , Germany operates one of Europe’s most advanced high-speed trains Take the romantic route from the mediaeval town of Würzburg to Fussen for a world-class contrast. This regional train journey takes you through storybook Bavaria, winding past half-timbered houses, castles, vineyards and steep hilltops. Germany’s rail pass, aptly named the Eurail Germany Pass, makes it possible to move trouble-free across the country.


Spain reflects the landscapes and cultures of Europe, from the snow-capped mountains and green hills of the Pyrenees in the north, to the sun-drenched beaches and moorish architecture of Andalusia in the south, so, what better way to see this beautiful Spanish landscape than by train? The Spanish rail network is modern and efficient, equipped with high-speed AVE locomotives capable of speeds in excess of 190 mph. Take the AVE from the central capital of Madrid to Seville in just 2.5 hours to discover Andalusia’s Moorish heritage, just jump on a regional train from Santiago de Compostela to Bilbao for a more relaxed journey through the northern regions of Spain, through misty hills, Galician and green Basque fishing villages.


While the railways of continental Europe certainly impress, the UK also offers one of the World’s great rail experiences with stunning scenic rail journeys through the Highlands and Islands of Scotland with the Western Highlands Line from Glasgow to the fishing village of Mallaig. This challenging 164-mile route takes you through the Scottish Highlands, around lakes, up steep ridges and remote wilderness that was virtually untouched in the 1800s, you may also come across Jacobite Steam Engine, the famous train that stands in as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films. For coastal spots, cross the causeways between the western islands of Scotland and take the railway in the Outer Hebrides. With historic railways dating back to the Victorian era and landscapes to take your breath away, rail holidays offer a wonderful way to travel through Scotland

No matter which of these five destinations you choose, a European rail holiday allows you to sit back, relax, and experience the continent’s diverse cultural fabric and scenery from a unique vantage point. With modern and efficient rail networks, iconic scenic routes, and a variety of rail passes, Europe has endless options to explore this remarkable continent by train.