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Eco-Friendly Cities in Europe


More of us are becoming conscious travellers as we know we need to do our bit to help the environment, especially because it’s been having a hard time over the last few centuries. It’s never been more important for us to keep an eye on your carbon footprint and even the smallest changes help towards making the biggest difference. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, why not make better city choices? Here are ten of the most eco-friendly cities in Europe!

1. Amsterdam – The city with more bicycles than people 

eco-friendly amsterdam

Amsterdam is at the top of our eco-friendly cities in Europe list because it chooses two wheels over four, and the Dutch doing their bit for the environment doesn’t stop there. The city is committed to helping local farmers, so when the citizens of Amsterdam are facing an attack of the munchies they chow down on the more affordable and organic food!

2. Stockholm – The cleanest city in the world

photo of brown high-rise building

Stockholm is known for its delicious cinnamon buns (an eco-friendly city in Europe with deliciously sweet treats, what more could you want?), as well as being home to one of the most sophisticated energy-producing systems in the world that works by converting sewage into biofuel! The goal of Stockholm is to be the first fossil-fuel-free city by the year 2050!

3. Copenhagen – Will it be the first carbon-neutral city? 

eco-friendly europe

It will come as no surprise that a Scandanavian city is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly cities in Europe. The Nordics are trailblazers when it comes to helping our environment and has been crowned Europe’s Green Capital! Copenhagen is home to twice as many bikes as cars, slashing carbon emissions and improving the health of its residents. They don’t stop there! This eco-friendly bunch aims to be the first carbon-neutral city by 2025!

4. Zurich – The best air quality in the world

landscape photo of cityscape

Whether you’re heading to this eco-friendly for the snow or to stock up on Lindt chocolate, Zurich has the some of best air quality in Europe thanks to their environmental policies. Around the city, there are bicycle only zones, the rapid development of renewable energy sources and innovative waste reduction schemes. Even tourism here is on the eco-friendly bandwagon with walking and cycling tours, visitors can even tour the city on eco-friendly scooters!

5. Riga – Actively reduces greenhouse gas emissions

eco friendly europe riga

This small Baltic country earns some serious eco-friendly credentials as being one of the few regions in Europe that actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to their peat bogs and forests naturally converting carbon dioxide to biomass! As well as this, Latvia has the lowest CO2 emissions within the European Union states and Riga is one of Europe’s cleanest capitals!

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6. Lisbon – Claimed the title of European Green Capital 2020

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Lisbon claimed the title of European Green Capital of 2020. Their eco-friendly efforts kicked off back in 2017 when they started a bike-sharing scheme with electric bikes comprising two-thirds of the fleet to encourage cycling in the hillier points of the city. The city also promotes alternatively fuelled vehicles, boasting one of the world’s largest electric vehicle charging point networks. Lisbon is committed to protecting and enhancing its natural areas, while also providing quality outdoor recreational space for its citizens!

7. Helsinki – Best at recycling

eco friendly europe

Helsinki is known for having the best recycling processes in Europe, which is not only reducing pollution in the city but helping to fulfil the energy needs of the city in a more eco-friendly way! A lot of Helsinki citizens also choose to cycle or walk to do their bit to reduce pollution.

8. Oslo – 1st city to preserve CO2 emissions

people sitting and walking near body of water

In Norway, we have the eco-friendly city of Oslo that was rated as the 1st city to preserve CO2 emissions. Oslo done a great job harnessing its alternative and renewable energy as the source of fuel for its public transportations. Due to their efficiency of fossil fuel use, they are considered the number 1 city in terms of energy, even though they are quite high in regards to consuming energy.

9. Berlin – Literally one of the greenest cities in Europe 

aerial photography of buildings under clear blue sky

Literally one of the greenest cities in Europe, Berlin has more parks, gardens and forests than any other European city. Locals enjoy over 2,500 stretches of green space, all of which provide a slice of nature in the city and habitats for wildlife. In terms of being an eco-friendly European capital, Berlin has fewer cars on the road than any other city and an amazing public transport system.

10. Vienna – Best water treatment policies

white palace during daytime

Vienna is a city well-known for its water usage initiatives and is ranked second on the European Green City Index because of this. The water is collected through the mountain springs by taking advantage of the altitude difference between the mountain and the city, and with the gravitational energy from this process, it is also used to hone electricity power.

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