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Interrailing For All- Jai’s Story

We are strong believers here at Interrailing Packages Ltd in accessibility, inclusivity and equal opportunity. That’s why we are over the moon to be launching our latest campaign, #InterrailForAll, today

The aim of our campaign is to highlight that Interrailing, and the opportunities it offers to see Europe, is open to all – regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief and so on. And to mark the start of our #InterrailForAll campaign, we would like to introduce you to 18-year-old Jai Howell from Cheshire, pictured with his girlfriend Holly.

Jai suffers from cerebal palsy (quadriplegic) but with the help of his brother, Dru, and PA, Olivia, he will be taking a European Interrail adventure in 2018. In fact Jai, Dru and Olivia will be spending the entire month of August on the Interrail trail!
Jai’s dad, Greg, Interrailed when he was in his twenties and he wanted the same opportunity for Jai and Dru (21).

Greg commented: “Jai’s favourite things in the world are his iphone, his music (gigs and festivals – he has a masive network of friends), girls and socialising – Jai is never in and loves the PHAB club!

“On top of that, he is a complete adventurer and pushes the boundaries all the time, nothing phases him.

“Jai, Olivia and Dru are so excited for this incredible adventure, and are also happy to show that just because you have a physical disability doesn’t mean you cannot achieve anything you set your mind to!”

The trio will departing by plane from Liverpool to Rome at the beginning of August, before jumping on the train to spend time in the iconic Italian cities of Florence and Venice. Jai and pals will then board the overnight ferry and head to Split, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Budapest, Prague, Berlin Amsterdam and finally Paris before heading on the Eurostar back to London on 30 August. All in all, quite an adventure!

To support him on the road, Jai has an electric FreedomChair, a brilliant product which provides flexibility for getting on/off trains and is easily folded to be placed as “luggage” on train. As well as organising his rail pass, reservations and trip itinerary, we are also facilitating suitable accommodation to ensure everything is as comfortable as possible for everyone during their trip.

We are delighted, of course, that Jai has chosen to book his package with us at Interrailing Packages Ltd but we are probably more delighted to see that nothing at all is going to hold Jai back – and to be part of his journey across Europe.

Jai attends the ‘I AM PHAB’ Bebington group, a unique club affiliated with the Phab national charity, and which aims to promote and encourage people of all abilities to come together on equal terms and to achieve complete inclusion within the wider community.

The Bebington group is chaired by Jai’s folks, Greg and Lorna Howell, who are the real stars behind Jai’s trip, working to ensure that Jai and all the service users at I AM PHAB have the whole world at their feet.

Happy travels Jai & Co!