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What to pack for an interrail trip


Are you here because your wondering what to pack for an Interrailing trip?

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At Interrailing Packages, we take pride in our first-hand experience with interrailing. We offer valuable tips, share our favorite destinations, provide a must-have packing list, and cover everything in between.


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Interrailing can be a fast-paced experience, involving walks to and from train stations, exploring bustling cities, and taking in iconic landmarks. Therefore, it is crucial to pack strategically, and that’s precisely what we’ll discuss in this blog post.-😊 What to pack for an Interrailing trip


We’ve been there, done that, made the mistakes, and learned from them, so you don’t have to.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute must-have items and What to pack for an Interrailing trip



First and foremost, for any interrail trip we highly recommend opting for a backpack over a suitcase. You’ll be carrying your backpack for extended periods, navigating cobbled streets, and tackling uphill treks. The fewer moving parts, the better. While some people might assume a wheeled suitcase is sufficient, it often ends up causing more trouble. Additionally, it’s always advisable to pack light for any extended backpacking journey. When purchasing a backpack, consider the following features: adjustable straps, accessible pockets/compartments, and padded back and shoulder areas.


Comfortable Shoes:

As mentioned earlier, you’ll cover a considerable distance during your interrail adventure, so prioritizing comfort is crucial. Always choose footwear that provides utmost comfort. You don’t need multiple pairs; as long as you have one reliable pair that can handle uneven footpaths and varied terrains, you’re good to go.


Travel Cards:

While most places in Europe accept credit cards, they often come with “overseas transaction fees” for every transaction or withdrawal. Using an international travel card can help minimize or eliminate these fees while traveling abroad. However, it’s still advisable to carry some cash in small amounts for specific situations like luggage lockers, tipping, or smaller shops/cafes.


First Aid Kit:

Health and safety should be a top priority during any interrail trip. Packing a compact first aid kit is always a smart idea. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ensure your kit includes essentials like plasters/band-aids, allergy medications, etc.


Power Bank:

A power bank is an absolute must-have, according to everyone here at Interrailing Packages. In today’s world, we rely on our phones for everything, from GPS navigation and language translations to banking and capturing precious moments. Running out of battery while traveling is a big no-no, and we can assure you that you’ll find a power bank indispensable along the way.


Travel Adaptors:

Throughout Europe, different types of electrical sockets are in use. Doing your research before traveling will help you purchase the appropriate travel adaptor. It’s advisable to invest in a universal adaptor to ensure compatibility with various socket types.


Waterproof Phone Case:

One of our staff members mentioned a waterproof phone case as a must-have item for any interrail trip, and we wholeheartedly agree. It’s perfect for beach trips, water sports, and capturing underwater adventures. It adds an extra layer of protection for your phone.


Travel Locks for Securing Your Luggage:

Wherever you travel in the world—interrail trip, airports, train stations, hostels—keeping your luggage secure with a lock and key is always a wise move. You can purchase these locks online


Water Shoes:

While it may sound peculiar, having a pair of water shoes is actually quite practical. Not all European beaches are sandy; some are rocky, and there may be sharp objects or rocks in shallow waters. Water shoes provide excellent protection and traction for walking in such environments. Moreover, they are popular for various water-related activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and swimming.


Packing Cubes:

Living out of a backpack for several weeks can lead to a disorganized and overwhelming mess. However, you can tackle this issue by planning ahead and using packing cubes. These handy organizers are a game-changer when it comes to keeping your outfits and belongings neatly organized.


The above suggestions serve as a rough guide on what to pack for an Interrailing trip, including items that you may not initially consider. We hope this insight helps you prepare for your trip. Remember, you should adjust the list based on the duration of your trip, any planned events, festivals, or activities, as well as the weather conditions (which we hope work in your favor 😊).

By packing these essential must-haves for your interrail trip, we can assure you that your trip will be more comfortable, well-prepared, and easier to enjoy.