Meet the team at Interrailing Packages & why you should choose us :)

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Meet the team at Interrailing Packages & why you should choose us :)


With over half of our staff members having went interrailing before we are your ideal choice for planning your dream Interrail trip because we don’t just offer travel expertise; we offer firsthand experience. Our team has traversed the rails, explored picturesque towns, and soaked in the diverse cultures of Europe through Interrail journeys. We understand the ins and outs of this unique travel style, from crafting the perfect itinerary to navigating ticketing and accommodation. With our seasoned insights and passion for travel, we’re here to transform your dream adventure into a reality, ensuring every moment is filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. Trust us to help you embark on the Interrail journey of a lifetime.

From a 1 man show to a team of 7, we at interrailing packages  cant wait to help you plan your Dream interrail trip through Europe.



Below you can read a little about each team member from left to right 🙂  



• Cody has worked at interrailing packages for almost 2 years, she has a long history with sales, starting her first job at the age of 16. She has always enjoyed working with customers. A fun fact about Cody is she has been a vegetarian from the age of 13 but did spend 2 years working in a butchers. When she was younger, she wanted to work as cabin crew, so travel was always something she aimed to pursue.

Fun Fact: is a vegetarian but once worked in a butchers🥩🥓


• Natasha was one of the 1st employees at Interrailingpackages, Her educational journey led her to specialize in Travel and Tourism, where she gained extensive knowledge about the industry’s inner workings and the art of creating unforgettable journeys. With a solid foundation in this field, Natasha’s passion for travel has been further ignited. Over the years, Natasha has accumulated a wealth of experience that spans the globe and curate an impeccable itinerary at the click of the fingers.

Fun Fact: Loved working with Interrailing packages so much that she’s worked here twice 🛤🚂



• Having worked in the public sector for years, Lisa had a massive career change when she started with Interrailingpackages. She has now been working for Interrailingpackages for almost 10 years and has worked on all aspects of the business.  She has a world of knowledge on cities and rail networks and is well experienced with putting routes together and knowing the best train options to take. Lisa loves to travel and highly recommends the cities of Paris, &  Nice to anyone that will listen.  She has a love of American country music and Nashville is on her bucketlist of places to visit. Lisa is also a sister to Donal the CEO of Interrailing packages and will always be the first point of call for any of the girls when they have a query.

Fun Fact: Favourite song of all time is American Pie- knows every single word of the 8 min 42 second long song. 🎶🎵


• Donal started off Interrailingpackages with the sole aim of making Interrailing accessible to everyone. After buying my 1st Interrail Pass back in 2008 and heading off on a trip, it was clear early on that there was so much more involved than just purchasing an Interrail Pass and “train hopping” from one place to the next (which a little research before-hand would have explained!)

Despite the availably of information online, it was obvious from reading and reviews that there was a huge section of people who wanted to use Interrail, but who were held back by the amount of organisation it involved. I wanted to create a unique product that catered for the section of the market put off by the organising involved.

And so Interrailingpackages was born in 2009- to include not only the pass and reservations, but also handpicked Hostel Accommodation partners and Hotel partners to enhance our travellers Interrailing experience. Since then we have went on to add additional features such as access to discounted tours, free travel cards & discounted travel insurance.

From a 1 man show in 2009, Donal now employs 6 others. The business is growing form strength to strength and this year has been the biggest yet.

Fun Fact: Claims to be his wifes 5th child.



• Niamh’s love for travel began with her own interrailing trip across Europe as a broke university student, which fuelled her passion for exploring the world on a backpacker budget. Intrigued by the call of the unknown, she ventured to Southeast Asia, where she embraced the role of an English Language Teacher, sharing knowledge and nurturing connections with a new and captivating culture. Her travels led her to the vibrant landscapes through Southeast Asia where she embraced the backpacker life while exploring metropolitan cities, lush jungles, diving into crystal-clear waters and immersing herself in the traditions and cultures of this fascinating region of the world. Her flair for travel planning has brought her to Interrailing Packages, where she loves sharing her expertise with our customers to make their dream trips a reality. Niamh also has a degree in psychology having graduated in 2021.

Fun Fact: Niamh taught English in Thailand for 6 months.



• Ayeisha has a degree in business & Advertising and is a passionate traveler with a profound love for exploration and outdoor adventures, from hiking to cold water swimming, Ayeisha really loves the outdoors and cant sit still. Having embarked on 2 interrailing trips already, one with her partner in 2016, and then with her partner & 6 month old baby in 2019, she has a lot of knowledge and understanding of the rail routes and destinations in Europe. From the leading cities, to the mountainscapes, she has created cherished memories and proving that travel knows no bounds.

Fun Fact:  Ayeisha hates taking a complement


•Having visited 45 countries in less than 10 years, Laurens passion for travel extends beyond her own adventures; she has always held a deep-seated desire to assist others in planning their dream journeys. Her inability to curate itineraries, coupled with her firsthand travel experiences, makes her an invaluable resource for fellow travelers seeking guidance and expertise. Lauren graduated from university with a degree in sports science and has a keen interest in fitness and outdoors. She is always adventuring and wastes no time or opportunities to travel when they arise.

Fun Fact:  Lauren was a Travel blogger for interrailing packages before she became a full time employee.


Choosing us as your Interrailing providers is a decision rooted in experience, dedication, and a genuine passion for crafting unforgettable travel experiences. With a team that not only possesses extensive knowledge of the intricacies of Interrailing but also shares a deep love for exploration, we stand committed to making your journey seamless and enriching. Our unique approach, combining essential passes and reservations with carefully selected accommodation options, tours, travel cards, and insurance benefits, sets us apart in our quest to offer you a comprehensive and hassle-free adventure. By choosing us, you are not just selecting a service; you are opting for a partner who is equally invested in turning your Interrailing dreams into cherished memories.