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Frankfurt is a city that will offer you the 3 WHERE’S:

What to see

For a primer on Frankfurt, you can visit the Historisches Museum which recently reopened next to the historic townhouses in the heart of the city.

The Palmengarten opened in 1871 and it displays plants and flowers from different climates such as monsoon forest, sub-arctic and desert.

Ebbelwei Express charmingly old-fashioned and a lot of fun. It’s a psychedelically painted 1970s tram that circles the city on an hour-long loop every weekend, taking in sights such as the city zoo, the historic Römerberg and Willy-Brandt-Platz in the banking district.

Where to eat

Druckwasserwerk is set in a huge 19th-century machine hall that once housed the steam engines needed to operate the elevators and cranes in the nearby port

Donnerboot- Meral serves Turkish kebabs, a variety of grilled fish and homemade lemonade, called Omilade after his grandmother, who gave him the recipe

Café Laumer still holds its head up in this alpha world city at old-school coffee houses such as Café Laumer, in the Westend business district. Intellectuals from Frankfurt university used to meet here in the 1920s,

Where to drink

Frankfurt is famous for its Ebbelwoi cider – but if you just order “apple wine” everyone will understand you. You can order it plain or with a splash of mineral water, in a single glass or in the earthenware jug we call the bembel.

In summer, the promenades and parks by the river are overflowing. The Yachtklub is a floating bar on the south bank of the river, close to the main youth hostel, that opens in April and serves reasonably priced cold beers and gin and tonics. Sometimes there’s a barbecue, sometimes live music, but you’ll always have a great time.



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