What To Pack for an Interrail Trip

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What To Pack for an Interrail Trip

Heading away on your first interrail adventure soon? Well, if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve gotten to the dreaded packing stage. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We all hate it. But thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. We are by no means claiming that this is what you absolutely need to pack for you interrail adventure! But we do have some experience in this field.

List of interrail travel essentials:

1. Large Backpack

In typical backpacker style, you want to be using a large backpack to easily transport everything around. Some interrail trips can last up to four weeks, the last thing you want to be doing is hauling around a large suitcase! Having a large backpack will make getting on and off trains, walking up and down flights of stairs to get to the different platforms, as well as travelling life in general, A LOT easier. As backpacks are generally made of fabric, you can stuff them in a small space, and when you start to pack, you will realise that you can cram more in! It might be worthwhile investing in a backpack cover, to protect your belongings from the rain. Locks are a good idea, you want to keep your stuff safe!

2. Clothing

The hardest part for us all. What clothes should I pack for my interrail trip? How many pairs of shoes do I need to bring? But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • You have to carry everything yourself.
  • You can wash clothes while you’re away.

Make sure you have some comfortable clothes for travelling in, some of the train journeys can be more than 5 hours or overnight, therefore you need to be comfortable. For all the fashionistas out there, be sensible. Choose shoes that go with every outfit you have packed and items of clothing that can be easily mixed and matched to create a different outfit. Comfy shoes are a must due to all the walking you’ll be doing, flip flops are also a must for the hostel showers!

It might be beneficial to give in to the craze of packing cubes so you can easily divide up your clean and dirty clothes!

3. Travel Documents

The obvious one, but it is easy to forget at least one of these items, as these will generally be the last thing you pack for your interrail trip:

  • Interrail pass.
  • A pen – you will need to write your train journeys in your interrail pass.
  • If you’ve made any seat reservations, you will either have digital or hard copies.
  • Flight boarding passes if you’re flying to your first destination and home again.
  • Passport.
  • Travel insurance.

(As an Interrailing Packages customer, you will have most of these documents uploaded on to our app!)

4. M O N E Y

I think it’s safe to say that there are plenty of good travel card options out there for you. Accessible through a mobile app and then instant spending on the card associated with your account. They are also easy to top up! Avoid those extra fees for using your card while abroad. Order your card a few weeks before you go, to allow enough time for it to be posted out! Always have some cash handy in any country you’re in, some businesses may operate with cash only. When you book a trip with us, you will get a free FairFx travel card! We also recommend Revolut!

5. Toiletries 

Ok so, this stuff is quite basic. The important things are toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants, body wash, shampoo, shaving gel, razors etc. Regarding towels, it is worth while investing in a travel towel. Regular towels are bulky and will take up unnecessary space when you’re packing, travel towels are lightweight and quick-drying!

6. Electronics 

Whatever devices you’re bringing, make sure you have the appropriate charger with you. A portable battery pack is perfect for charging your devices on the go! For all the travellers from the UK, you will need a plug adapter if you’re planning on plugging anything in.

7. Padlocks

Many hostels will offer lockers for you to lock away your belongings during the day, however, some hostels will provide a locker with no lock. It’s always good to have one just in case!

8. Travel bag 

If you’re visiting cities known for their pickpocketers, or maybe you’re prone to losing things, it will be worthwhile buying a travel bag that you can wear under your clothes to keep money, cards, interrail pass and passport safe.

9. Travel pillow and earplugs

These two items are essential for those long train journeys. You want to be comfortable, especially if you’re in for a long train journey to get to your next city. If you’re planning to have a snooze, you may want some earplugs to block out the other snoring commuters. Earplugs are perfect for hostels too especially if you’re in a dorm with a snorer!

10. Final Essentials

Europe can get really hot and sunny during the summertime, meaning sun cream is a necessity. Investing in a good water bottle is great when travelling, saving money and cutting down on plastic! You should check out bottles designed to keep water cold for 24 hours, such as Chilly’s Bottles! Blister plasters, plasters and painkillers should also be packed!

Our list should cover all the travel essentials you will need to pack for a successful interrail trip. Something missing from the list? Please let us know! We would be happy to share your tips and tricks!

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