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Unusual Things to Do in Europe

You probably didn’t know these things existed…

While there are many wonderful things to do in Europe, there are also a lot of unusual things to do. Europe is just full of surprises! From the Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden to baths filled with beer in Austria, it’s time to book a trip and explore all that the weird and wonderful has to offer. 

The Disgusting Food Museum, Malmö, Sweden

Go here only if you’re brave enough, as it’s not for the weak-stomached! At the Museum of Disgusting Food in Malmö, Sweden, find all the great cuisines of the world on show. In lieu of a ticket, you’re handed a sick bag. Each exhibit is considered a delicacy somewhere in the world, and you are invited to try as much as your stomach can handle! Exhibited delicacies are items such as Casu Marzu, maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia, and Durian, infamously stinky fruit from Thailand. This is definitely an unusual and one of the most disgusting things to do in Europe, could your stomach handle it?

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

We all do our best to forget about those broken relationships we’ve had rather than immortalising them. However, there is something profound about the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry at the collection of items donated by hopeless romantics from across the world! It all started when two Croatian artists ended their relationship and decided to set up the museum with a collection of their souvenirs. There’s even a gift shop!

 Does bathing in beer at a brewery count as one of the most unusual things to do in Europe?

If you’re a beer lover, here is one of the few places in the world where you can literally immerse yourself in beer. At the Austrian brewer Starkenberger’s Castle, they offer a complete beer-centered experience with beer trivia, history, and drinking! Austria’s love of “wellness” spas matched with the resident’s love of a cold refreshing beer, a pool filled with beer was born. You, of course, cannot drink the beer but fear not as the drinkable version is also provided. The beer is rich in vitamins and calcium, and it is said that sitting in it is good for the skin and helps cure open wounds and psoriasis.

Unusual things to do in Europe - Beer Baths Austria

Walk the Bobsled Track in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Probably one of the least unusual things to do in Europe on this list, but it still counts! Way back in 1984, Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics and followed soon after there was a war. If you’ve ever watched Disney’s Cool Runnings, you’ll remember the famous bobsled race (and how much fun it looked). Well, this was, of course, one of the competing sports at those Olympic Games and most of the bobsled track was left behind. Now it makes for an unusual thing to do while in Sarajevo, take a taxi to the top and walk the length of the track down again.

Image result for abandoned bobsled track sarajevo

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam 

Rotterdam is a city in The Netherlands known for its unusual architecture, if you’re visiting this city, this will be at the top of your list of things to do. The Cube Houses are a long line of interconnected, floating yellow cubes that are overshadowing the downtown area of Rotterdam. You can go to the Cube House Museum too which will give you an idea of what it’s like to live in one!

Unusual things to do in Europe - Cube Houses, Rotterdam

Head to Spreepark in Berlin for an unusual and haunting experience

The abandoned amusement park, Spreepark, is one of the most unusual things to do while in one of Europe’s most popular cities, Berlin. The park covers around 70 acres and is hauntingly beautiful. It looks like something from a horror movie, and was actually featured in one (Hanna, 2011 thriller movie)! Think rusty rides, creaking ferris wheels, lots of graffiti, and giant models of dinosaurs. Despite being abandoned for the last decade, weekend tours of the park are very popular and the park is in talks to be rebuilt to promote art and culture within the city of Berlin.

gray concrete dinosaur statue lying on green grass near red Ferris wheel

Visit Europe’s most cursed town, Colobraro, Italy

Italians are big on superstition, but their obsession reaches new heights in a tiny town called Colobraro, about 100km from Matera. While the town has some breathtaking views, it has a reputation for being the most cursed town in Italy and Europe as a whole. The name, from Coluber – which means serpent in Latin – had always evoked unease but the idea of the curse started way back in the 1900s when a lawyer said in court, “If what I say is false, may this chandelier come down”, and it did. Locals don’t even call it Colobraro out of fear it will bring them bad luck. As one of the most unusual and probably brave things to do in Europe, if you decide to visit this town you will notice the shops sell amulets, chili pepper necklaces, red bull horns (thought to keep the devil at bay), and herb-filled cloth bags that all visitors must tie to their necks.

Unusual things to do in Europe - Haunted Town, Colobraro


Europe is full of weird and unusual things to see and do, and our list includes our favourites! Many can even be included on an interrailing adventure, why not check out our pre-designed packages or create your bespoke package with us?