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Bratislava is the small capital city of Slovakia and is by far one of the most underrated cities you will ever visit. The city benefits from a fantastic location in central Europe, which means you can easily access it on a day trip from a few different cities such as Vienna, Budapest, and Prague! The charming little city boasts amazing architecture and rich history. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a visit to Bratislava to your bucket list!

Walk along the Danube River

Visit Bratislava and walk along the beautiful Danube river that flows peacefully along the edge of downtown Bratislava. This river is shared with Budapest and Vienna! There are both cycling and walking routes on both sides that can give you breathtaking views of the city. There are a lot of things to do and restaurants to eat at along the way. If you’re looking for something different to do on your visit, you could even take a river cruise! There is a significant bridge with a UFO on top called SNP across the Danube, connecting the other side of the city with downtown. Climb to the top for the best city views!

Visit Bratislava’s city centre

Just below the famous Bratislava Castle, visit the historic city centre with buildings such as the Slovak National Theatre, Town Hall, St Martin’s Cathedral, Government Office and Michael’s Gate. The Old Town Hall has a beautiful courtyard perfect for a sunny afternoon. The surroundings compel you to walk around the iconic district and take in the beauty of Bratislava!

25 best things to do in Bratislava!

Bratislava Castle 

Bratislava Castle is the most recognisable landmark in the city, so why would you not visit it?! The castle dominates the skyline along with the Danube River, this iconic white building is well worth a visit. Built during the 9th century, this majestic building has four corner towers standing on a rocky hill of the Little Carpathians directly above the river.

Statues of Bratislava

For a small city centre, Bratislava has a lot of quirky and interesting statues to visit! Cumil, Man at Work, is the most popular of the bunch and has the longest line of people waiting to take their pictures with it. Other famous statues you can visit are; Schone Naci, Napolean’s Army Soldier, Hans Christian Andersen and the Paparazzi.

Slavin Memorial 

Slavin is a memorial dedicated almost 7,000 Soviet troops who were killed while liberating Bratislava from the Germans back in 1945. The main building is the memorial and around the building is the cemetery for the final resting place for these Soviet soldiers. The memorial is located in the northern part of Bratislava and to get here, you need to walk uphill.

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