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Šibenik is a city to fall in love with! In the historical centre of the coastal town there is a labyrinth of winding, romantic alleyways waiting for you where one stone house pushes up against the next. Sometimes the dark alleyways seem to get smaller and smaller until you end up in a spacious, imposing square again.

The special thing about Šibenik: The town is built on a slope. Therefore, you can let yourself enjoy a spectacular view over the city, the sea and the offshore islands while walking around. Šibenik is the third largest city in Dalmatia. Nevertheless, the centre is comparatively manageable and within just a short time you will have seen most of the spots at least twice.

Cathedral of St. James 

What a monumental structure! The Cathedral of St. James is the main attraction of the cityYou definitely shouldn’t miss a visit to the cathedral during your stay in Šibenik.

The gigantic sacred building made of marble and limestone literally glistens in the sun. The distinctive dome of the cathedral is also visible from many viewing points in Šibenik.

Main square (Trg Republike Hrvatske)

: The cathedral is located right in the (very impressive) main square, therefore you will be here anyway. You can find some buildings worth seeing in the main square including the Civic Loggia (now the town hall) and the small Loggia.

Church of St. Barbara: 

You can find this pretty church just a small skip away from the main square. It is currently being used as a museum, therefore the official name is also ‘Crkveni muzej’.  

Garden of St. Lawrence

 You will find an oasis of peace in this hidden garden o:f the St. Lawrence Monastery. Entry is free, however when you are there it seems as though you should consume something in the adjoining café. You can find the garden on the way to St. Michael’s Fortress (more about this soon).

The promenade:

 Here you will find one café after the next – perfect for a sundowner!



Pansion Zlatna Ribica

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