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The undisputed jewel in Montenegro’s crown is no longer Europe’s best kept secret. It’s sudden elevation to the cruise league has not dimmed the timeless delights of its cobled alleyways & piazza’s. Beautiful churches and the gorgeous town walls are surrounded by the hulking peaks around the mountainous terrain. Kotor is best appreciated by simply heading to the Old Town without a map and getting lost in the labrinthine of streets.

Kotor is an unmissable part of any trip to Montenegro, and for good reason!

Although the city itself is fairly small and compact, there are so many surprises at every turn: From cobblestoned streets winding beneath historic stone buildings to breathtaking views from the Kotor fortress, streetside cafes, and cute locals (ahem, the cats!), Kotor has everything you need for the perfect introduction to Montenegro. 

Hike Kotor Fortress 

St John’s Fortress, Sveti Ivan Fortress, San Giovanni Fortress, or simply the Fortress of Kotor… No matter what you call it, climbing up to the top is a must-do when in Kotor! At the top, you’ll be treated to a panoramic scene of the entire bay, along with an old fortress to climb and explore (if you wish!)



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