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Doire, Derry, Londonderry has 1,500 years of history and culture enclosed within Ireland’s only completely walled city. From the sixth-century monastic settlement to the vibrant European city of the twenty-first century, no visit to Ireland is complete without a visit to Derry.

Derry’s Walls

The 1.4KM circuitous route along the walls explores St Colmcille set his monastery on the island of Doire in 546 before going to Iona in the western isles of Scotland, bringing Christianity to Britain

The Bloody Sunday story and the Bogside.

Subjects range from the partition of Ireland and the creation of the six-county state, widespread religious discrimination against Irish Catholics, Civil Rights period, Battle of the Bogside 1969, Bloody Sunday massacre January 1972 and covers both inquiries into Bloody Sunday and the conflict that occurred here afterwards.

The peoples Gallery

Travel along the walls and read about the Siege of Derry. Be stirred by the People’s Gallery of Murals, admire St Columb’s Cathedral and marvel at historic gothic buildings.



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