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One of the most elegant of the Greek Islands, Corfu’s beautiful architecture stretches right though all it’s districts and is lined by a gorgeous sand coastline. The wonderful forts and Churches offer stunning views all over the town and Bay.

Corfu Town has one of the best-preserved historic quarters in Greece so it’s a great place if you love history or just soaking up the atmosphere somewhere lovely. It’s a dense tangle of narrow streets (called kantouna) and tall buildings in autumnal colours with painted shutters and wrought iron balconies.

At the north end of the Spianada you’ll find the very pretty Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Mandrakina. It dates back to the 18th century and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary as the patron saint of fisherman.

The entrance to the People’s Garden is next to the Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Mandrakina.It’s a very pretty landscaped garden which wraps around the Museum of Asian Art.



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