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Cesky Krumlov

Český Krumlov, the small Czech town with the hard-to-pronounce name, is picturesque beyond imagination. The city is comfortably nestled in the loops of the winding Vlatava river. The highlight of Český Krumlov is definitely the impressive castle, which towers over the Old Town on a rocky outcrop.

Český Krumlov Castle

The first attraction you will probably spot and visit is Český Krumlov Castle. It towers over the Old Town on a rocky outcrop and is gigantic to behold. In fact, after the castle in Prague, this is the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic.

The castle you see today was built in the 13th century, initially as a Gothic castle complex. Later in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, it was expanded. Therefore, you’ll find the castle complex consists of innumerable courtyards and buildings.


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Castle Garden

This Baroque style garden is very intricately designed: In addition to an open-air theatre and a small artificially created lake, you will find plenty of elaborate flower species here. The fact that the Castle Garden area is so spacious, means that everyone can enjoy it without feeling overcrowded.



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