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 Set in the middle of the country (and of Europe), the Swiss capital is small, covered in cobblestones streets and medieval buildings, and set along a beautiful river close to the mountains. You can wander the city for days feeling like you’re back in the 1600s.

Because it is so small, you only really need a few days to visit Bern but, while you are here, be sure to try some of the delicious international food, tasty chocolate (Toblerone was started here), delicious local cheese (Emmental is made just outside the city), and craft breweries popping up throughout the city.

The Münster

Bern’s late Gothic Münster is unmistakeable, its feathery spire – the highest in Switzerland – towering over the Old Town and its sonorous bells dominating the quiet city.

It’s a reverential place, both for its lofty, gloomy interior and the spectacular Alpine vistas from its tower, the tallest in Switzerland.

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