5 Beautiful places in Europe

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5 Beautiful places in Europe

There’s no doubt that everywhere in Europe is stunning but some places just stand out. In this post we tell you 5 beautiful places in Europe NOT to be missed on your interrailing adventures.


1:-  Lake Bled Slovenia,

Lake Bled is A stunning mountain town built around a lake. It is only 45 Minutes from Ljubljana and can easily be done as a day trip if you leave early.


Lake bled offers stunning views of the Julian alps and is one of the most picturesque destinations in Europe. Whilst it isn’t as well known as other European destinations, it is certainly becoming more popular with tourists over recent years. It is mostly known for the iconic church on Bled Island, which is situated in the middle of the lake.


Lake Bled is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as walking or cycling around the lake, hiking in the nearby Triglav National Park, or simply relaxing by the lake. Water sports like swimming, boating, and stand-up paddleboarding are also popular on lake bled and can be hired at the lake itself.


Bled Castle, which is perched on top of the hill, offers the most stunning panoramic views over bled. There are also a number of other amazing viewpoints that are worth visiting if you don’t mind hiking 🙂


Lake Bled, Slovenia


2:- Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen is one of the most Beautiful fairy-tale- like villages hidden in the Swiss alps, just 20 minutes from Interlaken and is s a MUST-SEE destination on your European adventure. Lauterbrunnen, which is known as the valley of 72 waterfalls is a very small area with a population less than 2500 but has such a great atmosphere, stunning views and a wide range of outdoor activities.


Lauterbrunnen is also one of the main gateway towns to famous Jungfraujoch. Jungfraujoch is also known as “Top of Europe” and is one of the highest points of the swiss alps. There are a number of things to see & do in Jungfraujoch including the “ice palace” which is a Ice Palace which is a fascinating underground attraction carved into the glacier.

Other activities include snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and visiting the Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven, where you can indulge in Swiss chocolates.


Lauterbrunnen valley, Switzerland


3:- Hallstatt Austria-

Hallstatt is one of the most picturesque places in the whole of Europe and we can definitely see why. It is situated in the salzkammergut region of Austria and is a designated UNESCO world heritage site.

Its traditional Alpine houses, stunning mountain views, and serene lake have made it a favourite destination for photographers, influencers, and travellers seeking to capture its beauty. It is so Photogenic that a replica of Hallstatt was build in China to recreate its beautiful atmosphere.


Hallstatt, Austria


4:- Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Situated in the southern part of the country, on the boarder of Croatia, this city is nestled in the valley and is mostly known for the iconic “stari Most”, which translates to “old bridge”.  It is a popular occurrence when people gather to watch people jump off the bridge into the river below.


For a stunning view over the city, people climb to the top of the famous mosque “sinan pasina dzamija” There is a small charge to do so but you are rewarded with amazing views.


Mostar can be done as a day trip from Dubrovnik in approximately 2.5 hours and is definitely one of top 5 beautiful places in Europe.


Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina


5:- Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


Český Krumlov is one of the lesser known areas in Europe and can be reached by  train from Prague. It is approximately 2.5 hours and can be done as a day trip.


Český Krumlov, is mostly known for having the unique tradition of “bellowing” which is the act of shouting loudly from the top of the castle tower at noon every day.  This used to be done by the castle guard back in the 16th century and has been continued on to the present day but is now carried out by a member of the local theatre group.


Český Krumlov hosts several festivals throughout the year such as the International Music Festival. Český Krumlov also attracts musicians and artists from around the world.

 Český Krumlov



In conclusion, these 5 beautiful places in Europe are just a glimpse into some of the extraordinary offerings in Europe. From the majestic landscapes of Lauterbrunnen Valley to the idyllic charm of Hallstatt, each destination holds its own allure, leaving travelers with memories that will last a lifetime. So pack your bags, embark on a European adventure, and discover the captivating beauty that awaits you in these enchanting corners of the continent.


Happy Adventuring 🚆🚆🚆