As part of your package InterrailingPackages provides you with an InterRail Pass. This covers your train fare for all your trip journeys, but you may still need to reserve your seat on certain trains. 

These reservations and costs ARE NOT included as part of your package and it is up to you to make these reservations prior to or during the trip.



  • Stick to the train suggestions on your itinerary – where possible InterRailingPackages will show trains where no reservation is required.
  • If a reservation is needed we will show trains where reservation fees are kept to a minimum.
  • Our suggestions on your itinerary will nearly always be early-mid morning journeys – to get you to your next destination early in the day.
  • There may be other faster train options available – but these will cost more to reserve;
  • Reservations can be made up to 3 months in advance - the sooner you book, the cheaper they usually are and the less problems you will have finding seats on your desired train option.
  • If you leave it too late you will not be able to make the reservations online. It can be more expensive to make reservations at the departure station.
  • If making reservations at the departure station here’s a tip – make it as soon as you arrive into the station initially then you won’t have so much to do on the morning of your departure (remember you could be leaving on an early train);


InterrailingPackages will always try to keep your additional costs to a minimum.  In some instances there are limited options available and so a reservation may be compulsory. 



Your itinerary will provide full train schedule details for each of your journeys along with a reservation description for each journey in one of 3 different displays:


C (Compulsory):

  • Can be up to €18 each (however this is only usually applicable in parts of France).
  • Standard prices are about €9. 
  • These types of reservations should be made 2-3 months in advance of your journey in order to guarantee your seat on the train. 


M (Minimal):

  • Usually cost between €2 and €8. 
  • These reservations are primarily purchased at the departing train station 1-3 days in advance of your trip.
  • They may also be purchased online to reduce any hassle.


F (Free):

  • These are FREE! 
  • By using the domestic train services we greatly reduce the costs of your trip and keep everything simple. 
  • Our set packages in particular provide routes/journeys that remove the vast majority of extra costs, keeping your trip as efficient as possible.

In some instances you will have several options for different journeys from the same train station but via different networks - it is imperative you stick to the ones on your itinerary to ensure your costs are minimal.


As part of your E-Travel Pack you will receive fully detailed instructions as to how to go about booking the various reservations.