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Interrailing Packages Ltd

An ABTOT licensed tour operator, we provide pre-designed and bespoke Interrailing Packages to travellers of all ages, helping to ensure their Interrailing adventure is everything they hoped it would be. Our aim is to make Interrailing easy and accessible to all by providing complete rail, accommodation and support packages which take the hassle out of travel. 

Working in conjunction with hotels, hostels and attractions across Europe, we offer high quality deals, discounts and monthly special offers. Our travel packages include a wide range of services, from Interrail passes and accommodation through to travel insurance deals, a 24 hour emergency contact, discounted city sight seeing tours and city travel guides, to name but a few. 

Perhaps most importantly, using our wealth of experience, we also provide our clients with practical help and advice when planning their travel and - crucially – while on the road. Every client gets access to the unique Interrailing Packages app, offering online and offline access to all your travel documents – an invaluable support on the road.

So, if it’s time to take that step and head off on the European adventure you’ve always dreamed of – or you just want to find out what we have to offer – why not browse our hotel or hostel packages for some ideas, or get in touch to have a chat about how we can make your travel dreams a reality.


Born from a true passion for travel, Interrailing Packages Ltd was founded in 2009 by Managing Director Donal McKenna, with the aim of making it easier for everyone to plan – and have – a true European Interrail adventure.

Having travelled around Europe throughout his twenties, Donal realised that while the Interrail pass (which allows users to avail of rail travel between 30 European countries) was a fantastic product, travellers often needed help to plan, book and manage their Interrail dream. So, never one to sit on his laurels, Donal began to spend his spare time helping others to organise their European trips.

From that small acorn, an oak began to grow and today Interrailing Packages Ltd has grown into a successful business, offering clients of all ages, and from all backgrounds, unforgettable travel adventures using their Interrail passes.

Meet The Team

Donal McKenna, Managing Director 


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The man at the helm and a dedicated Interrailer, Donal founded Interrailing Packages Ltd in 2009 having realised the need for a one-stop shop where travellers like him could plan and book Interrailing packages which covered all aspects of their trip.

Since founding the company, Donal is now married with a young family but that hasn't stopped him hitting the road when the opportunity arises. Having travelled across Europe solo, with friends and, more recently, with his family, Donal is the expert when it comes to Interrailing, and has built up a network of key contacts and partnerships across Europe.

Top travel tip: Lots of hostels offer kitchen facilities so save your cash and cook some meals for yourself; making brreakfast can be a great way to meet other Interrailers too and share recommendations, money saving tips as well as bacon and eggs.

Top travel recommendation: Look out for open top bus tours; I know they are touristy but they are a great way to see a city in a limited timeframe and give your feet a rest!

Favourite destination: Hard to choose really but if I was pushed then Istanbul, where East meets West, is beautiful and packed with attractions, history and culture. Unmissable.

Best Interrailing memory: Just that feeling you get when you board your first train and your whole trip is right before you.

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Lisa Maguire, Service Team Manager

The person behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly is Lisa, who joined Interrailing Packages Ltd in 2014. She has responsibility for ensuring clients are provided with a top quality service, from the early planning stages through to the end, when you alight from that final journey home.

Lisa also oversees the development and management of Interrailing Packages' expanding network of hotel, hostel and tourist attraction partners, helping you get the best deals, and manages the development of our unique e-travel app which allows all clients to manage their documents online or offline while on the road.

A true adventurer at heart, Lisa is a busy mum of three with her experience as a parent giving her a unique insight into managing groups of all ages, from families through to friends, helping them to plan and manage an Interrailing trip that keeps everyone happy!

Top travel tip: Stick to your budget! It can be so easy when you are travelling to throw caution to the wind and spend all your cash when you hit that first destination but remember - two or three week can be a long time when you have blown most of your travel fund in the first few days.

Top travel recommendation: Try the chips and mayo in Amsterdam, cheap and delicious!

Favourite destination: Hvar, Croatia. This beautiful island offers a sunny, seaside break from all those big, busy European cities.

Best Interrailing memory: Meeting people - you meet so many other Interrailers on the road and it's great to buddy up for a while, sharing your stories and your food!

Shirley Kernan, Communications Manager

Responsible for Interrailing Packages' communications, from social media to producing our bi-monthly newsletter, Shirley works to keep an eye out for the best travel recommendations, bargains and tips, as well as the up and comingdestinations you don't want to miss.

Another avid backpacker, Shirley loves to travel solo and has made her way around Europe, and the world, on a number of occasions - her mantra is simple: one life, no fear, so get on the train and go!

Top travel tip: If you can, bring your own pillow (tie it onto the top of your backpack) as that little touch of home can make sleeping somewhere strange that bit easier.

Top travel recommendation: Gelato in Rome. I'm not even a fan of ice cream but I wouldn't miss a visit to Rome's Gelateria Fatamorgana anytime I'm in the city.

Favourite destination: Krakow, the locals were so friendly and welcoming and the city itself was amazing.

Best Interrailing memory: Sleeping rough on the Champs Elysees In Paris. It wasn't by choice but we arrived in Paris centre only to find a strike on the metro meant we couldn't make our way to our hostel until the next morning and the lovely city centre hotels, at such short notice, were way too expensive for us. The result was we ended up sleeping on park benches in a little park just off the Champs Elysees! Dangerous I know, looking back, but we were a group of five and it has turned out to be one of my best memories and best travel stories.