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What’s Included

Posted on 2nd May 2018 at 3:53pm by Donal

INTERRAIL PASS: We provide you with an Interrail Pass to cover all of your journeys. All our package prices are based on Youth Interrail Passes, so our clients who are over 26 years of age at the time of travel will be required to pay an extra £55 for an Adult Interrail Pass.

COMPULSORY RESERVATIONS: Certain high speed trains require costly reservations to be book and paid for months in advance. Interrailingpackages take the hassle away by booking and reserving any compulsory reservations on your trip, giving you a hassle free Interrailing experience.

HOTEL PACKAGE ACCOMMODATION: Throughout your trip you will stay in one of our pre-selected Hotel Partners. All our Hotel Partners are 3 and 4 Star Accommodation, approved by the local Tourist Authority, central to the City and close to amenities and public transport. Breakfast is included in the cost of some of the hotels. A Hotel package offers more luxury for those looking a little indulgence and relaxation throughout their stay.

HOSTEL PACKAGE ACCOMMODATION: Our Hostel Accommodation Partners include some of the best rated Hostels in Europe. We work with the big names in Hostel Accommodation such as St Christopher’s, Generator & Meininger, to provide you with the best possible experience for your stay.

Private room options are also an option and breakfast is included in the hostels where available. By staying with our partners you will also get access to some of their great facilities such as common areas to meet other guests, discounted food & drink, and discounted trips and kitchen facilities. Nearly all our partners offer free Wifi for our guests and the Hostels are a fantastic place to meet and mingle with other travellers – adding to your Interrailing experience.

DETAILED TRAIN ITINERARY- TIME/CHANGE-OVERS/INSTRUCTIONS: As part of our E-Travel Pack, you will be provided with detailed train itineraries for your full trip. We provide all the information for your travels from departing time / station, right through to any change-overs involved and detailed instructions on any journeys which require reservations. Interrailingpackages put together travel options that are as efficient and cost-effective as possible, so that any reservations are kept to an absolute minimum.

ACCOMMODATION DIRECTIONS & DETAILS: For you arrival in each city, you are provided with a detailed set of instructions / directions on how to get to your accommodation from the arriving train station. We provide all details including bus numbers, metro lines and simple walking instructions so that you arrive at your accommodation safely, efficiently and without lots of high roaming charges on your phone bill! Your accommodation address is detailed on both your itinerary & direction documents to help you along the way.

CITY TRAVEL GUIDES: In order to assist you with your stay, Interrailingpackages put together a detailed travel guide on each of the cities you are visiting. This guide details the highlights of each city so you can experience the best of what’s on offer. Each guide includes the best attractions /sights to visit, as well as the top 5 rated bars and restaurants. From 2017 all our customers will receive our new ‘Not to be missed’ City Experience Feature, which provides you with a one-off-experience in each city, so that you have a truly memorable trip.

ATTRACTION DISCOUNTS, CITY SIGHTSEEING TOURS & OTHER OFFERS: Interrailingpackages have partnered up with one of the world’s leading attraction ticket providers to give our customers access to a HUGE selection of discounts on various attractions & tours across Europe. Our clients get access to discounts for everything from St Peter’s Basilica, Skip the line tickets, The Paris Pass, to 30 Minute Gondola Rides! As well as this, as a client of
Interrailingpackages you can benefit from 15% off all City Sightseeing Hop-On-Hop-Off Tours; Special Deals on Travel Insurance through our specialist insurance partner, and great deals on Mobile Wifi through our partners Hippocket Wifi.

APP ACCESS TO ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS: Interrailingpackages unique app gives you access to all your documents whilst on your trip. Once downloaded from the App Store / Google Play Store we load all your documents to the app and create you / your group a log in code. The documents can be accessed at any time day or night. The App stores your documents so they can be accessed offline without any internet connection leaving you with no worries about getting internet / wifi connections. The documents can also be sent in electronic format for access via email or other mobile device. We also load other documents to the app when required such as train/ferry tickets & bus tickets. In addition, you have the option of loading copies of your passport & travel insurance details to the app for safekeeping.

FREE FAIRFX TRAVEL CARD: For 2017 Interrailingpackages have partnered up with the Multi Award Winning Company FAIRFX. As a winner of Best Foreign Exchange / Travel Money Provider at the British Travel Awards, our clients will have access to the best available Currency Card product online. Our clients get a free card for just a £50 initial top-up and from then on are able to load currency onto their cards at the best available rates online. The
cards can also be used abroad fee-free, meaning no more expensive foreign card charges! Topping up your travel card can be done online or via their App – with funds instantly transferred from your bank account at just the click of a button and free of charge.

FOREIGN CURRENCY GUIDE: Whether you order your currency through Interrailingpackages or through your local bank or Post Office, you still need to know which currency is required in the different cities during your trip. Interrailingpackages provide you with a guide to assist you along the way so you know which of the 28 European Currencies are used throughout your travels. Your Eurozone Fairfx Card will be your main source of cash for the trip, but you may also require other currencies along the way depending on your trip destinations.

FREE FLIGHT ASSISTANCE SERVICE: Flights to your first city & home from the last are not included so Interrailingpackages have a FREE Flight Assistance Service to help you source the best available flights for your trip. Whether you are browsing or have already booked your trip with us, this service is still available for you to use free of charge. Email us with the Package you are interested in / have already purchased along with your estimated departure date(s) and nearest airport(s) and we will source the best available flight options for you and send you a link to book, saving hours of browsing through sites & possible routes.

FREE BASIC LANGUAGE/PHRASE GUIDE: Immerse yourself completely in each of your cities by using our basic language / phrase guide to communicate with the locals along the way. Our guide offers useful & simple phrases so that you can really feel part of the European experience. Locals love & appreciate when travellers take the time to try and speak their language and will be really helpful in return.

24 HOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER: Miss a train? Got a problem? Fear not!! Each E-Travel Pack contains an emergency contact number enabling you to contact one of our team 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are always at hand to ensure you are never alone and that any issues are resolved immediately. All our staff are fully trained and have immediate access to your trip itinerary so that you don’t spend too much time & money explaining who & where you are!!

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